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How To Repair Your Roof With Liquid Nails


I just moved into a new home, and there is a bad storm in the forecast. I’m worried about my roof. How can I prepare my roof to prevent damage? How can I repair my roof if there is any damage?


With the proper use of construction adhesives, you can prevent roof damage and make simple roof repairs in case anything gets damaged. 

Initial Build

If you are building a roof, the installation process is critical to ensure your roof is high quality and durable. We recommend using LIQUID NAILS® Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive (LN-902) to get the job done. This adhesive is proven to resist against wind uplift.

Step 1.

Gather your raw materials and all recommended safety equipment.

Step 2.

Check the weather to ensure proper building and drying conditions are met.

Step 3.

Select your construction adhesive. We advise using Liquid Nails Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive. For areas without high wind uplift risk, LIQUID NAILS® Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive (LN-903) can also be used.

Step 4.

Place a 1/4-inch continuous line (bead) of adhesive along the rafters prior to placing roof sheathing.

Step 5.

Nail or screw the sheathing in place as recommended.

Storm Prep For Existing Roofs

If there is a bad storm in the forecast, preparing your roof will help secure everything in place. We recommend using Liquid Nails Subfloor & Deck Construction Adhesive to protect your roof.

Step 1.

Identify all areas where all sheathing and rafters joints are visible.

Step 2.

Run a 1/4-inch bead of adhesive along the top of each side of all accessible rafters as tight to the roof sheathing as possible, filling any possible gaps between the sheathing and rafters.
Adhesives should dry within 24 hours.

Damage Repair

If your roof was damaged from a storm, repairs can be made using a variety of construction adhesives for the fix.
The Damage The Solution
Loose shingles.
Leaks along roofing seams.
Loose flashings.
Leaking gutters.
LIQUID NAILS® Roof Repair (RR-808) adheres to wet surfaces and stops leaks fast.
Loose trim and siding. LIQUID NAILS® Polyurethane Construction Adhesive (LN-950) adheres to all common building materials, cures quickly, and has great weathering resistance for a durable, long-lasting repair.
Leaks around windows and doors. LIQUID NAILS® CLEAR SEAL™ All Purpose Sealant (CS-144) bonds to all common building materials, dries clear and will not yellow under UV exposure.
Cracked or broken wooden millwork or trim. LIQUID NAILS® Wood Projects Repair (LN-206) is a water-resistant, no-drip formulation for both interior and exterior use.
Cracked or broken plastic millwork or trim.
Replacement of details, including house numbers, decorative pieces, small molding and trim of any composition.
LIQUID NAILS® Clear Small Projects Silicone Adhesive (LN-207) is a durable, clear adhesive that cures quickly and will not yellow.

Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.