How To Install Mirrors The Right Way - Home Decorating & Painting Advice

How To Install Mirrors The Right Way


How do I install a mirror in my new bathroom? I just moved into a new home and want to make sure it sticks properly. Any suggestions so I do it right?


Choosing the right adhesive is critical for a mirror installation. The silver backing on the back side of your mirror is extremely sensitive to adhesives. Some adhesives can burn through the silver backing, and damage your mirror. We recommend using LIQUID NAILS® FUZE*IT®(LN-2000).

Step 1.

After you choose your mirror-friendly adhesive, measure your mirror. If you mirror is over 2’ x 2’, make sure there is a base or lip for the mirror to sit on at the bottom of the mirror. Mirrors 2’ x 2’ and over must have physical fasteners like mirror clips, or L or J hooks so the adhesive cures properly.

Step 2. 

Apply a 1/4-inch continuous line of adhesive (bead) every 4 to 6 inches across the back of the mirror vertically. This allows air flow behind the mirror so moisture does not get trapped. Do not seal around the edges.

Step 3.

Press your mirror into position.  Allow 24- 48 hours for your mirror to cure.
Following these steps will help you finish your mirror project.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not seal around edges.
Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.