How To Remove Construction Adhesives

How to Remove Construction Adhesives


How do you remove a construction adhesive? My measurements were slightly off and I need to remove the adhesive to readjust the materials. 


There are a few ways to remove construction adhesive after you bonded two materials together. Occasionally you may need to wipe away construction adhesive or separate two objects bonded with it, such as two boards, two bricks, etc. Most adhesives and caulks can be scraped off when they are softened.

For smaller applications:

Step 1.  

You’ll need to soften the adhesive or caulk. To do this, heat the adhesive with an electric heat gun or blow dryer.

Alternatively, you could coat the adhesive with petroleum jelly or mineral spirits for at least 12 hours to a day. Be aware that mineral spirits are not recommended for tub surrounds, vinyl, plastic, painted surfaces, or varnish.

Step 2.

Then scrape the adhesive off using a putty knife, or a flat edge.

Step 3.

Wipe your surface with mineral spirits to remove any remaining residue.
Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.