Silicone Premium Universal Sealant Clear (LS-205)

This high-performance, 100% silicone adhesive sealant won't shrink or crack. It's ideal for window and door frames, bathroom caulking, siding, trim and plumbing fixtures.


Energy Saving Multi-Purpose Caulk

Key Features

Recommended For:

sealing and waterproofing window and door frames, chair railings, bathroom caulking (showers, bathtubs, sinks), plumbing fixtures, pipes, tiles, siding and trim, vanities, baseboards, moldings. Also adheres to masonry (primed), stone (primed), wood, stucco, glass, metal, aluminum, vinyl, painted surfaces, concrete (primed), brick (primed) and plaster (primed).

NOT Recommended For:

unprimed concrete, brick, masonry, plaster and stone, uses below the waterline, aquariums, marble, fireplaces, wet, green or oily lumber, automotive uses, stove pipes.

Available Sizes

  • 10.1 fl. oz. cartridge


  • Using a 1/4" (.64 cm) bead: 10.1 fl. oz. cartridge covers 30 lineal ft.


30 GPL


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Surface Preparation

Apply this adhesive sealant in dry weather above 40°F. Do not use this adhesive sealant when rain is expected. Remove old caulk. Clean and dry surface. Remove any soap film with rubbing alcohol. Fill deep joints with backer rod to within 1/2" (1.27cm) of surface.

Product Application

Load adhesive sealant cartridge into standard caulk gun. Remove cap. Cut nozzle at 45° angle, using consistent pressure to fill completely. Smooth over adhesive sealant bead with tool until level with surface. Adhesive sealant skins over within 20 minutes. Allow 24 hours for adhesive sealant to dry before exposing to water. Humidity may affect dry time. Replace cap to preserve unused adhesive sealant.

Drying Time

Skins over within 20 minutes. Sets in 24 hours.


If the adhesive sealant is wet, use mineral spirits. If the adhesive sealant has dried, scrape it away.

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